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Walks through to September 2019

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Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

All members of the Civic Society are welcome to attend our Group Meetings. Please contact the group chair for the location of the meeting places.

Should any member have a point to put forward it is always possible to contact an Executive Committee member to have it brought up at a meeting.


Clevedon is a seaside resort on the Bristol Channel with easy access from the M5 at Junction 20.

Our attractive town, which has a population of over 21,000, is a vibrant mix of the old and the new, with a good selection of shops for all tastes and a wide assortment of excellent restaurants to relish.

Fantastic views are to be had across the water to South Wales along with interesting walks and one of the most famous sunsets in the country.

This all goes to making Clevedon a special place to enjoy, so  

welcome to our town.

Zig-Zag steps clearance work

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Details of all Talks through 2019

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Executive Committee meeting: Thursday, 5 September 2019

Chair: Michael Graham

Conservation Group meeting: Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Chair: John Tranter (Tel: 873507)

Environment Group meeting: Thursday, 5 September 2019 TBC

Chair: Jonathan Hurford  

Footpaths Group meeting: Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Chair: Ross Janes (Tel: 876157)

Now available is the new edition of our best-selling book

‘Ten Clevedon Walks’

See our Shop page for further details

CCS Calendar and Notelets

As part of the Society 50th Anniversary celebrations next year, we are producing a Calendar, including the illustrations of the Town by local artist Mike Horsefield. The cover of the calendar is illustrated to the right.

As well as the calendar, some packs of notelets including the same illustrations as the calendar will also be produced.

Final prices and availability will be notified in due course.


The Environment Group have continue with their Working Parties, which aim to repair, tidy-up and generally take care of the public facilities and areas of interest in our town. All help and assistance gratefully received.

The regular programme is one Monday each month between 10am and 11.30am, with a refreshment stop afterwards. The next Working Group is on the 8th of July, for work at Poet’s Walk and Sugar Point.

For a report on the June working party see the Our Environment page


Main Society meetings, 2nd Thursday of the month:

10 January, 14 February, 14 March, 11 April, 9 May, 12 September, 10 October, 14 November.

Local History Group meetings, 3rd Thursday of the Month:

17 January, 21 February, 21 March, 18 April, 16 May, 20 June, 18 July, 19 September, 17 October, 21 November.

More details on the meetings can be found on the Talks page.

2020 Calendar Cover.jpg

Sharpness Canal - 30 May

For a walk a little further afield than our usual fare, 5 hardy members braved inclement weather for a walk up and around the Sharpness Canal. Highlights included the docks at Sharpness and the canal path walk past the old Severn rail bridge and the Purton ships’ graveyard.

Full report on the Footpaths page.

PHOTO-201_8.jpg PHOTO-201_2.jpg

A 5.25 mile walk.

Leave Strode Road Car Park at 9:30am.

Leaders Carol and James.  

Phone 01275 340707

Picnic Lunch.

Wye Valley

20190702 - Wye Valley 2.jpg 20190702 - Wye Valley 1.jpg

Members Own: Pier Memories

Speakers: History Group members

Our Summer Supper meeting includes various members of the Group recalling their memories of Clevedon Pier down the years.

A 3 - 4 mile circular walk.

Leave The Barn Car Park at 10:00am.

Leaders Jeff and Ruth.  

Phone 07857 717808

Pub lunch.

This is one of our regular Footpath Surveys, intended to inspect the state of the public footpaths in our town and immediate surrounding area.

Clevedon Town and Coast - Footpath Survey

20190424 Clevedon FP Survey 1 Town.jpg 20190424 Clevedon FP Survey 1 Castle.jpg

Great Western Air Ambulance

Speaker: tba

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) is the local air ambulance charity for Clevedon, providing critical care for those living in the town. The presentation runs through how the Charity works, from the moment of dispatch to the delivery of care.

2018 was the 10th birthday of the organisation.

20190912 GWAAC 1.jpg 20190912 GWAAC 2.jpg