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The eyesore which was the derelict gents toilet area opposite Clevedon Pier has now been transformed thanks to Clevedon Civic Society.

The Society was delighted when the go-ahead for a total revamp of the toilet area was secured by Clevedon Town Council recently. Councillors voted to allocate up to £4,000 to match the Society's contribution towards a new seating area which is planned for the derelict toilets.

The Society had previously obtained approval from North Somerset Council to replace the old gents toilet with a seating area with plants and a sign showing nearby shopping areas, local parks and walks. The design of the seating area has been carried out by John Tranter, chairman of the Society's Conservation and Planning committee.

“We are absolutely delighted with this news”, said Bob Hardcastle chairman of the Society's Environment Group who have led the campaign to improve this area which occupies a prominent place overlooking the entrance to The Pier. “The Society has pledged up to £4,000 as well towards the scheme which we hope will be completed by the end of this year”, he said.

“The area was  an eyesore for some time following the closure of the gents toilet and their relocation nearby in the toilets block in Pier Copse”, he said. “So this is great news all round”.

The work was completed at the end of 2017.




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