The Conservation and Planning Group was one of the founding groups within the Clevedon Civic Society when constituted in 1970. The aims have remained basically the same in the last 30 years – to follow our axiom of “to preserve the best and improve the rest”.

We act in parallel with Our Environment Group, with our main interest being developments and renovation of buildings within the boundaries of Clevedon and in this respect we inspect all planning applications and make our comments and recommendations to the District Council.

We pay particular attention to the applications within the two Conservation Areas in Clevedon, which are at risk from inappropriate and sometimes spurious developments, as these could prejudice the attributes and charm of our Victorian townscape.

The Group were instrumental in the foundation of the first Conservation Area with a survey and report prepared by members for The Beach and Copse Road areas, resulting in it's formation in 1974. We have also been closely involved with the District Council of the development of the Town Centre.

Each year we seek nominations from Society members and judge these to make an Environment Award and Commendations for developments which enhance the town for the benefit of residents and visitors. Recently, these have included, most notably, the restoration of The Pier, but we have also made awards to a block of flats in the grounds of a listed building, the restoration of private houses and landscaping projects.

We are concerned with ever more financial constraints on the District Council, resulting in the reduction of staff and amalgamation of duties within the Planning and Environment Department; also the lack of sufficient funds to carry out proposed enhancement schemes, that we shall have to be even more watchful to preserve the best and improve the rest in Clevedon.

John Tranter

Chairman, Conservation & Planning Group

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Conservation Group hits since 01.01.2015

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

Conservation and Planning Group

CLEVEDON CIVIC SOCIETY consultation reply

Application 16/P/1920/F.  1 Woodlands Road, Clevedon.

I am writing on behalf of Clevedon Civic Society to Object to the above application.

As an important site in the very centre of the Conservation Area, in close proximity to the listed houses in Copse Road, development of this site presents an opportunity to enhance its surroundings, and provide pleasant living conditions for the new residents, whilst not adversely affecting the amenity of  surrounding properties.

The above application , for a terrace of 4 two storey houses and a three storey block of  4 flats over parking comprises a layout which falls well short of the potential for this location because;

   The terrace of 4 two storey houses along the whole western boundary of the site creates a high blank elevation in close proximity to the back of the listed houses on Copse road which will dominate and overshadow their small rear gardens.

The 3 storey block of flats on the north east site boundary will totally dominate the narrow shared access way, and will be particularly detrimental to the setting of the two new dwellings formed in the converted coach house on the other side of the access way.

Locating the 13 No car parking spaces directly off the narrow shared access has the potential to obstruct  the other building owners who depend upon it for access to their businesses and homes Also the parking provision does not comply with the NSC Standard,in an area where the on street parking is under great pressure.

The form and density of development creates an unsatisfactory environment where the houses have negligible outlook from their habitable rooms.( this is particularly acute for plot 1) and very minimal private open space. The flats also have very restricted outlook from all main windows, and no access to open space.

This area is characterised by many small buildings with pitched roofs combining to make a most attractive informal roofscape when viewed from above ( e.g.from Elton Road). The buildings shown in this application are of larger scale, with extensive areas of flat roof ,which  do not make a positive contribution to the Conservation Area.

 For the above reasons we ask that this application is Refused and hope that NSC can work with the applicants to  produce a scheme more in sympathy with the Conservation Area, which has less negative effects on surrounding residents ,and creates a better environment for those who will live there

Yours Sincerely,

 Houses on Stafford Garage’s land

in Woodlands Road

Application no:  16/P/1920/F

Erection of a terrace of 4x three-bedroom dwellings and a three storey building comprising undercroft parking and 4x two-bedroom flats following the demolition of the existing garage and warehouse


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