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The Conservation and Planning Group was one of the founding groups within the Clevedon Civic Society when constituted in 1970. The aims have remained basically the same in the last 30 years – to follow our axiom of “to preserve the best and improve the rest”.

We act in parallel with Our Environment Group, with our main interest being developments and renovation of buildings within the boundaries of Clevedon and in this respect we inspect all planning applications and make our comments and recommendations to the District Council.

We pay particular attention to the applications within the two Conservation Areas in Clevedon, which are at risk from inappropriate and sometimes spurious developments, as these could prejudice the attributes and charm of our Victorian townscape.

The Group were instrumental in the foundation of the first Conservation Area with a survey and report prepared by members for The Beach and Copse Road areas, resulting in it's formation in 1974. We have also been closely involved with the District Council of the development of the Town Centre.

Each year we seek nominations from Society members and judge these to make an Environment Award and Commendations for developments which enhance the town for the benefit of residents and visitors. Recently, these have included, most notably, the restoration of The Pier, but we have also made awards to a block of flats in the grounds of a listed building, the restoration of private houses and landscaping projects.

We are concerned with ever more financial constraints on the District Council, resulting in the reduction of staff and amalgamation of duties within the Planning and Environment Department; also the lack of sufficient funds to carry out proposed enhancement schemes, that we shall have to be even more watchful to preserve the best and improve the rest in Clevedon.

John Tranter

Chairman, Conservation & Planning Group

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Conservation Group hits since 01.01.2015

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

Conservation and Planning Group

THE winners of Clevedon Civic Society's annual awards have been applauded by the society for their outstanding community achievement.

Community Achievement Awards

The two Community Achievement awards are shared by the Clevedon Pier Trust for the new visitor centre and to MARLENS for restoration of the town's Marine Lake.

The Civic Society has just announced the winners of its prestigious awards which it makes annually to new buildings or landscape projects which it considers the most interesting and which will enhance the townscape.

‘By happy coincidence both schemes, which are so important to the unique character of Clevedon sea front were completed in the same year,’ said John Tranter, chairman of the Society's conservation and planning committee.

‘Many organisations such as North Somerset Council, consultants, contractors and financial funders, made great contributions but above all it was the sustained and ongoing community effort from volunteers which ensured the preservation of these important assets,’ John went on to explain.

The Society's Environment Awards (Highly Commended) go to three worthy winners, as John Tranter explains.  

‘These are Murrays with their expanded restaurant and new shop front which reinforces the special quality of Hill Road: the Teatro Lounge which brings a lively frontage to Great Western Road where none existed before: and thirdly The Lodge in The Avenue which is a visually important island site and where the first phase of the renovation has been the re-roofing in authentic materials with particular attention to the detailing.’

The Society has been making these awards for over 20 years and the chief criteria for choosing the winners is that the projects must be visible to the public.

Formed in 1970 by a group of local town enthusiasts, the membership of the Civic Society is around the 200 mark and its aims have always been to make the town a better and more interesting place in which to live.

The Community Achievement awards will be presented at the Society's main meeting on Thursday April 13. The High commended Environment awards presentation evening will take place at the meeting on Thursday May 11.

Frances Hardcastle - Press Officer

old cars and Clevedon Pier Aug. 2010 018.jpg

The Pier Visitor Centre - before and after

August and September 2013 004.jpg IMG_2113.JPG

Marine Lake - before and after

Environment Awards (Highly Commended)

IMG_2085.JPG IMG_2533.JPG

Murrays restaurant in Hill Road

IMG_2541.JPG IMG_2524.JPG

Teatro Lounge

The Lodge

At our April meeting the winners received their awards.

CCS 2017 Awards.jpg MARLENS presentation.jpg Pier presentation.jpg


James Foulds (Chairman - Clevedon Civic Society)

John Tranter (Chairman - CCS Conservation Group)

Simon Talbot Ponsonby (Director - Pier Trust)


Linda Knott (Honorary President - MARLENS)

John Tranter (Chairman - CCS Conservation Group)

James Foulds (Chairman - Clevedon Civic Society)


Cllr John Crockford-Hawley (North Somerset Council)

Linda Knott (Honorary President - MARLENS)

Simon Talbot Ponsonby (Director - Pier Trust)

Cllr Jane Geldart (Chair - Clevedon Town Council)

John Murray

Of Murray’s of Hill Road

Alex Reilly

of Loungers

John Tranter

Environment Group Chairman

Gail Moores

owner of 57 The Avenue

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