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Working Parties 2018

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Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

May - Working Party

Sunhill Park Clevedon Civic Society 21 May 2018 h.JPG Sunhill Park Clevedon Civic Society 21 May 2018 c.JPG

Message from Group member, Richard Young:

The Environment Group held a most productive and well attended working party at Sunhill Park on the 21st of May.

Starting from the Sunnyside Road entrance, nine volunteers worked hard at uncovering the gullies running either side of the path, which involved cutting back overhanging foliage, stemming the encroaching lawn, and a lot of digging and sweeping out.We were warmly thanked by the manager of the Clevedon Community Centre, who arranged for complimentary refreshment to be served on completion. We plan to return to tackle a further section of the path later in the year.

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June - Working Party

Group member, Richard Young, writes:

As planned on the 11th June, seven of us returned to Sunhill Park to complete the work of digging out the gullies either side of the main path. On this occasion we discovered a number of drains too, so hopefully the clearance work will help keep everything in good order.

As the before and after photos show, we also uncovered one of the 'bird bath pillars'. Finally, we cut down overhanging branches, including those obscuring the Sunhill Park sign, and weeded a flight of steps up to the lawn.

This was thirsty work, and we were grateful to Ann Scholes, the manager of the Community Centre, for arranging complimentary refreshments.

Pillar Sunhill Park Before.JPG Sunhill Park - uncovering the gully.JPG Sunhill Park sign and group.JPG Sunhill Pk gully and drain.JPG Pillar Sunhill Park After.JPG

Richard Young - Vice-chair, writes:

Four hardy souls braved the uncertain weather to carry out our second working party at Marine Hill drinking fountain this year. It was too wet to attempt the planned painting of the railings, but these were wire-brushed in readiness for our next visit. We also swept the pavement clear of fallen leaves and mud, removed debris from the gullies and cleaned up the fountain itself.

Special thanks to Nick for bringing his rods so that we could clear the Victorian drain under the fountain, to Alan for joining us by bus, to Angela for taking the attached photos, and to Jenny of Scarlett's cafe for the unexpected but very welcome complimentary coffees once we'd finished. 

Marine Hill - Working Party - 20 August 2018

Photographs from Angela Slotte

Clevedon Civic Society 20 August 2018 Marine Hill fountain a.JPG Clevedon Civic Society 20 August 2018 Marine Hill fountain b.JPG Clevedon Civic Society 20 August 2018 preparing railings at Marine Hill fountain .JPG Clevedon Civic Society 20 August 2018 unblocking pipe at Marine Hill fountain.JPG

Five volunteers returned to Marine Hill fountain on 4th September to paint the railings. With excellent teamwork we managed to complete the job in 90 minutes, and the area is now looking much smarter.  

Our next working group will be at Marshalls Field on Monday 24th September from 10am to 11.30am.

We will meet in the far corner and clear the flight of steps there, as in previous years. Any members who would like to help are encouraged to contact

Marine Hill - 4 September

Civic Soc Painting Railings at Marine Hill 4 Sep 2018 (2).JPG Civic Soc Painting Railings at Marine Hill 4 Sep 2018 (3).JPG Civic Soc Painting Railings at Marine Hill 4 Sep 2018.JPG

Photographs from Hannah Young and Jonathan Hurford

Five members of the Environment Group weeded various areas of the seafront, including the Seamen's Mission circular floral display, the Victorian Shelter, the Victorian fountain, the bandstand, and the top of the steps leading to Little Harp Beach.

 The Council were in the middle of re-planting some of the beds so don't be alarmed by the photo suggesting that we overdid the weeding of the circular flower display!

Thanks to Angela for the photos.

Seafront - 22 October

CSoc Seafront 22 Oct 2018.JPG CSoc Seafront Fountain 22 Oct 2018.JPG CSoc Seamen's Mission 22 Oct 2018.JPG CSoc Victorian Shelter 22 Oct 2018.JPG CSoci Victorian Fountain Oct 22 2018.JPG

Four volunteers weeded the pathway leading to the steps up to the sea defences, and the steps themselves.

The pathway runs adjacent to a Water Authority compound and following a phone call to them we've been assured that the weeds on their side of the fence will be cleared in the near future.

Thanks to Paul for the photo of the cleared steps and to Simon for making the follow-up call.

Marshall’s Field - 24 September

Marshall's Field Steps.JPG

Pier Copse - 25 October

Edward Mckay received a £4 k donation from John Tranter on behalf of Clevedon Civic Society towards environmental improvements at Pier Copse, Clevedon.

 A series of projects  jointly undertaken by  North Somerset Council and Clevedon Civic Society have significantly upgraded the environment in this part of the sea front  benefiting both residents and visitors.

Firstly there was a new seating and picnic area with wonderful views out over the pier and bay. This included new hard landscaping, stainless steel seats tables and sculpture, new railings and planting which the Civic Society maintains.

Following closure of the gents toilets at pavement level, the redundant eyesore opposite the pier was transformed into a pleasant seating area with raised planting beds ,stone paving and a location plan for visitors. The planting is also maintained by the Civic Society.

The latest project to be completed is the installation of hoop-topped metal railings, these replaced dilapidated and unsafe painted timber railings, and the visual improvement is dramatic. Views  out of the park from the benches are much better and the safety of the public is improved as there are considerable drops to pavement level which are now fully guarded. The layout of the new railings also facilitates the work of the volunteers who  can now plant and maintain this important part of the seafront safely.

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