March TBA - Bluebell Walk - Leader Carol

Wednesday 3 April - Walk TBA (approx. 6 miles) - Leaders Philip and Maureen

Wednesday 24 April - Clevedon Footpath Survey, Town and Coast (3-4 miles) - Leader Jeff

Thursday 9 May - Sand Point (postponed from Dec. 2018) (3 miles) - Leader Ross

Footpaths Group

The Footpaths Group endeavours to walk the designated footpaths of Clevedon every few years to ensure that they are in a good state. As well as this serious purpose, our lively and sociable group meet to walk once or twice a month in our beautiful surrounding countryside. The walks range from 3 to 5 miles and vary in difficulty. We meet at a planned point for each walk including the Strode Road Car Park (SRCP) from where we lift share to our starting point. Walks usually finish with a pub lunch.                                               

Walks are planned by members at quarterly meetings with any other matters that might arise. New members always receive a warm welcome and all members are informed of the nature of the walk and any hazards which may be encountered along the way. Walks are advertised here on the Civic Society’s website and also in the North Somerset Times, complete with the leader's telephone number.

We look forward to you walking with us.

Ross Janes

Chair, Footpaths Group

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

A 3 mile circular walk.

Leave Old Inn at 10:00am.

Leader Liz.  

Phone 872633.

Pub lunch.

East Clevedon

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Saturday 18 May - Hotwells Heritage Trail (2-3 miles) - Leader Malcolm

Tuesday 4 June - Footpaths Group quarterly meeting

Thursday 6 June - Walk TBA (5-6 miles) - Leaders Philip and Maureen

Tuesday 18 June - Priddy (4.8 miles) - Leaders Jeff and Ruth

Tuesday 2 July - Wye Valley day walk (5.25 miles) - Leader Carol

Autumn TBA - Leigh Woods/Clifton (postponed from January) (approx. 3 miles) - Leaders Carol and James

Sunday 3 November - Clevedon Pill Lunch Walk (distance TBA) - Leaders Jenny and Ken

More details on the walks will be published when available.

A 3 mile walk

Leave Strode Road Car Park at 9:30am

Leader Ross.  

Phone 876157.   

Pub lunch.

Sand Point

Sand Point x2.jpg Sand Point.jpg

Crook Peak - 1 March

With mist obscuring the view beyond the end of our garden at 8am, it did not seem a very favourable day for a walk to Crook Peak. However, by 9.30am it had cleared a little and four intrepid walkers met me at the Strode Road car park.

When we arrived at the base of Crook Peak 40 minutes later the visibility had improved a little. The climb began with a short walk into the picturesque village of Compton Bishop, listed in the Domesday Book as Comtone and the property of the Bishop of Wells. We briefly visited the ancient Church of St Andrew where there is a fascinating board listing of all the vicars since the year 1312 in the south doorway.

We then followed a gradual climb on a good path to the Peak, which is 191m or 627ft high. As we made our way up, the sky cleared a little and there were views back along the West Mendip Way. When we reached the summit, Brent Knoll, Cheddar Reservoir and Nyland Hill were appearing out of the mist.

A shorter path was taken back down to the cars. The walk took just over two hours. We then drove to the nearby New Inn at Cross where a very good lunch was had by all.      

Report by Ross Janes

Photos by Ross and Mike Allison

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