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The Footpaths Group endeavours to walk the designated footpaths of Clevedon every few years to ensure that they are in a good state. As well as this serious purpose, our lively and sociable group meet to walk once or twice a month in our beautiful surrounding countryside. The walks range from 3 to 5 miles and vary in difficulty. We meet at a planned point for each walk including the Strode Road Car Park (SRCP) from where we lift share to our starting point. Walks usually finish with a pub lunch.                                               

Walks are planned by members at quarterly meetings with any other matters that might arise. New members always receive a warm welcome and all members are informed of the nature of the walk and any hazards which may be encountered along the way. Walks are advertised here on the Civic Society’s website and also in the North Somerset Times, complete with the leader's telephone number.

We look forward to you walking with us.

Ross Janes

Chair, Footpaths Group

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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Tuesday 3 September - Footpaths Group quarterly meeting

Late Sept./Early Oct. tba - Clifton - Leader Malcolm

Autumn TBA - Leigh Woods/Clifton (postponed from January) (approx. 3 miles) - Leaders Carol and James

More details on the walks will be published when available.

A 3 mile circular walk.

Leave Strode Road Car Park at 9:30am.

Leader Ross.  

Phone 01275 876157

Pub Lunch.

Cadbury Camp Tickenham

20190730 Cadbury Camp 1.jpg 20190730 Cadbury Camp 2.jpg

A 3.5 mile circular walk.

Leave Strode Road Car Park at 9:30am.

Leader Liz.  

Phone 01275 872633

Pub Lunch.


20190813 Sandford 2.jpg 20190813 Sandford 1.jpg

Latest Walk Report

A 3 mile circular walk.

Leave Strode Road Car Park at 9:30am.

Leaders Carol and James.  

Phone 01275 340707

Pub Lunch.

Gordano Valley Nature Reserve

20190828 Gordano Nature 1.jpg 20190828 Gordano Nature 2.jpg

A 3 mile circular walk.

Leave Strode Road Car Park at 9:30am.

Leader Paul.  

Phone 01275 791452

Pub Lunch.

Southern Fields Survey

20190916 Southern Fields 1.jpeg 20190916 Southern Fields 2.jpg

Town and Coast Path Survey - 17 July

Three members took part in a Footpath Survey though the eastern and northern part of the town, the Golf Club and Coast path, determining path usage, accessability and signage.

Starting from the Barn car park, we walked past the Scout Hall and rear of the Rugby Club to access the Middle Path. At the junction we admired the mural on the wall opposite before turning left and crossing Kenn Road and down past the rear of Yeo Moor School.

Turning left, we passed through the Moor Lane underpass and down Kingston Avenue to Meadow Road and Old Street, before crossing the road via the pedestrian crossing by the Hospital and turning up the short-cut path to Highdale Avenue.

We continued our walk by going up to Old Park Road via the Cinder Path and the steep footpath through the woods having crossed Highdale Road adjacent to the School. Walking the length of Old Park Road to Kings Road, noting en route the removal of the telephone box at the junction with Esmond Grove, we continued along The Avenue and up and past the Golf Club to the junction of the paths leading down to the Coast Path, where we had a coffee break.

Going along the path to the left and descending to the Coast Path, we tune back towards the town via Lover’s Walk, then up Marine Hill to Hill Road to a well-deserved lunch at Butterflies.

Report and Photos by Jeff Eastmond.

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