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Clevedon Home Guard

Number 5 Tickenham Platoon

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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General Group Headquarters Section Number 1 West End Platoon Number 2 Kenn Road Platoon Number 3 East Clevedon Platoon Number 4 Walton-in-Gordano Platoon Number 5 Tickenham Platoon Officers & Senior NCOs Rifle Group
Charlie Tavener D. Olive Frank Day Ernest Summerell Ted Bowen Ted Bowen William Selman John Morrish R Woodward D Morton Sgt Len Tiley Lt W Simmons Edwin Dyer Alan Lindsey Lt George Fussell  ???? Durston Unknown Unknown Oliver Summerell Unknown Leslie Bye Unknown Unknown ???? Bax Ivor Trigg Charles Francis Wally Canter Unknown Unknown William Summerell Unknown Maurice Browne William (Dinger) Bell

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