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Clevedon Home Guard

Number 1 West End Platoon

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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General Group Headquarters Section Number 1 West End Platoon Number 2 Kenn Road Platoon Number 3 East Clevedon Platoon Number 4 Walton-in-Gordano Platoon Number 5 Tickenham Platoon Officers & Senior NCOs Rifle Group
Alvin Newton George Jarrett Unknown ??? Summers Lt Roynon  2nd I/C Lt C A Buxton Arthur Williams Sgt Spencer Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Alec Tripp Unknown ??? Stephens S D Crisp Ted Vowles Reg Ford Foundly Ted Weaver Tom Binding Unknown Norman Osmond Unknown Joe Laver Unknown ??? Callow' Harry Hancock G Horsey John (jack) Benjamin ELLIS Unknown Cyril Marks Victor Pepler Cecil Guest Unknown Victor F Sibley Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Charlie Marsh

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