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Since the Environment Group was set up in the late 1970s it has been active in preserving some of Clevedon's best known landmarks as well as creating new features to enhance the town. Details of some of these projects can be seen by pressing the links above.

In the late 1980s the Group became active in maintaining these features as well and mounting a monthly working party during the summer months when we clean, paint and weed them - see below for details.

We also organise a "Big Litter Pick" before the Easter holiday each year to give the sea front a spring clean for the benefit of residents and visitors.

The Group works closely with North Somerset Council and the Town Council to achieve the objectives of maintaining and improving Clevedon's environment.

If you share these objectives please join us.

We meet every two months on a Wednesday evening.

All Society members are eligible to join. Please contact me for details.

Jonathan Hurford

Chairman, Our Environment Group

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Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

Marine Hill - clearing gullies March 2019.jpg

Marine Hill - 11 March

Our first working party of the year on March 11th saw six volunteers once again tackle the area around the Marine Hill drinking fountain.

The problem with the blocked drain is as bad as last year, and the pavement was semi-flooded. Undeterred, we swept away the fallen leaves, cleared the gullies either side of the fountain, and shovelled mud and earth from the pavement. With the extra person-power available (thanks to our new volunteer Lorna) we were also able to go further than before by weeding up to the junction with Wellington Terrace, as well as clearing the copse path and exposing its cobbled gully down to Marine Parade.

A local resident was so impressed that they expressed interest in joining us next month.

We will meet next at 10am on Monday April 8th on the coast path at the top of the steps leading down to Ladye Bay.

Any member wishing to join us should email r.p.young@bham.ac.uk

Report and photos by Richard Young

Marine Hill - exposing cobbled gully March 2019.jpg Marine Hill - removing weeds from pavement March 2019.jpg Marine Hill - end of session group photo March 2019.jpg

Ladye Bay - 8 April

In the words of one of our crew, the Civic Society Environment Group had a 'grand day out' (AKA 90 minute working party) at Ladye Bay.

Seven volunteers widened the steps used by the public to access the beach by cutting back the encroaching grass and weeds, and exposing the edging stones where we could. The before and after photos demonstrate the transformation achieved.

Following a brief inspection we also noted that the loose handrail at the bottom of the steps had been fixed, and reported the missing Ladye Bay sign to North Somerset Council; Gareth Withers has kindly arranged for its replacement.

Many thanks to Nick and Jane Humphries for providing much-needed refreshments at their house afterwards.  

Our next grand day out will be on Monday 13th May, 10am-11.30pm. We will meet at the Peace Memorial on the seafront (junction of Elton Road and The Beach), and we'll be tackling the rather neglected copse that runs between Seavale Road and Elton Road.

Any member wishing to join us should email r.p.young@bham.ac.uk

Report by Richard Young, photos by Angela Slotte

Clevedon Civic Society Ladye Bay 8 April 2019 a.jpg Clevedon Civic Society Ladye Bay 8 April 2019 b.jpg Clevedon Civic Society Ladye Bay 8 April 2019 g.jpg Clevedon Civic Society Ladye Bay 8 April 2019 i.jpg 8 April 2019 Ladye Bay group photo.jpg

Working Party Dates 2019

Monday 13th May

Monday 10th June

Monday 8th July

Monday 19th August

Monday 9th September

Monday 14th October

Monday 11th November - Donkey Path

Any member wishing to join us should email r.p.young@bham.ac.uk

2018 Working Party Reports

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