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The Pier Copse Project

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The seating area in the Copse, which overlooks the Pier and included a former sensory garden, had seen better days. Broken seats, worn out tarmac and tired and dilapidated fences greeted visitors and the whole area was screened by a particularly unattractive high curved wall cutting off those wonderful views.

It was time for the Civic Society’s Environment Group to come to the rescue. They had the viewpoint in their sights.

The Civic Society’s 40th anniversary celebrations in 2010 included one special event which marked a new beginning for a sad and neglected part of Clevedon -  the Pier Copse Viewpoint.

First of all a concept for rebuilding the area was drawn up. All that had to be done next was to raise the finance and convince the owners of the site, North Somerset Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Department, of their plans.

Thanks to a financial contribution from Wyevale Grounds Maintenance, North Somerset Council was able to commission the scheme. Work started in May this year to enable the project to be finished in time for the public opening on July 9 by the chairman of the Clevedon Town Council, Cllr Colin Hall, and Cllr Carl Francis-Pester of North Somerset Council.

In addition to Wyevale and North Somerset Council’s funding, Clevedon Town Council paid for the disabled access to be formed into the seating area and the Civic Society paid for the sunflower feature.

What a difference a few weeks make. Now the whole area has been repaired. Smart new stainless steel seats and tables have been installed: the sensory garden has been replanted: the screen wall has been lowered: gorgeous granite pavers replace some of the tarmac and the new disabled access has become a welcome facility.

As a visual attraction a four-metre high sunflower feature, which also shows the four points of the compass, watches proudly over the whole seating area.

Within hours of the work finishing people were using and admiring the new viewpoint area.

Bob Hardcastle,  Cllr Carl Francis-Pester,  Cllr Colin Hall,  Rob Campbell

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970