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Walk Reports 2019


Wednesday 27 November 2019

Bristol University Life and District

It was wet walking to the bus stop but the rain had nearly stopped when we arrived in Bristol, then we had good weather for the rest of the walk.

There were 11 of us; we went to the ‘Oldest Coffee Shop’ in Bristol situated in Clare Street, then down Broad Street, through St John’s Gateway which formed part of the old city wall, then up Christmas Steps to St. Michaels Hill via more steps at Zero Degrees, the site of the first Bristol tram station (horse drawn) and into the ‘Royal Fort’ University building and gardens.

We looked around the buildings and the interesting gardens at the Royal Fort site, which included the ’hollow’ and the ‘mirrored pillars’ and green wall at the entrance. We then carried on walking looking at the architecture of various old building in Cotham walking towards Redland. 

We saw the original George Muller Museum telling of the orphanages he provided, then we made our way to Freemantle Square, site of Prior’s Hill Fort, and Nine Tree Hill. We continued walking at high level and then down the steps between the BRI buildings and to the ‘Beefeater’ to have a good meal and bus ride home.

Throughout the walk Ken gave interesting facts on the English Civil War, people and buildings in the various areas and spoke about George Muller’s achievements whilst we enjoyed our meal. 

Report by Jenny and Ken Ellis.
Photos by Ross Janes and Philip Humphries.


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