The History of Clevedon

Part 7: The History of Shopping

This topic is thoroughly covered in two books by Jane Lilly, in Clevedon History Series.

VOLUME 1 - deals with the shops in the Old Village, Kenn Road, Old Church Road, The Triangle, Old Street and Chapel Hill. There are over 150 illustrations and 95 pages, with informative text and an introductory chapter.

Sir Charles Elton wrote the foreword, and says that the “ offers a unique addition to the history of the small English town”.

VOLUME 2 will be published at the end of November, and is full of the history of the, “Shops on the Hill”. Hill Road, Bellevue Road, Woodlands Road, The Beach, Marine Parade, Sixways, Copse Road and Alexandra Road all played their part in the commercial life of New Clevedon. The book has 170 pages and over l70 photographs and advertisements.

This time the foreword is by Julia Elton, who says that the text and pictures, “...illustrate the gradual spread of buildings along the coast and up the hill and also reveal how local traders seized the opportunity of contributing to and benefiting from the gradual settlement of the area”.

Civic Society members can buy the books from Jane at a discount, bringing the price down to £7 for Volume 1, and £8 for Volume 2. She can be contacted to arrange this on 01275 794381.

Volume 3 will be about the growth of Regency Clevedon and the people who moved here for the season or to retire, and about the effects of this New Clevedon on the people of Old Clevedon, in the Village.

This project is currently still in the planning stage, but if you have a house dating from the Regency period (1820-30) and would allow Jane to see deeds or the inside of the house, this would help tremendously with her work.

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