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Details of our monthly meetings held at St Andrews Church Centre, Clevedon, starting at 7:30pm.


Main Meeting - Thursday 10 October 2019

Deep Sea Pilotage - a 25 year Apprenticeship 
Speaker: Capt. Roger Francis

The talk outlines Roger’s career including the years spent working towards his eligibility to sit for the Trinity House Licence. There is a brief description of the ships and companies he worked for during the period of his elevation through the ranks to Master of his own ships. His career lasted 46 years, 21 of which were spent as a Deep Sea Pilot, handling some of the biggest ships in the world.

History Group  - Thursday 17 October 2019

Bristolian Dialect 

Speaker: Richard Coates 

Richard has spoken to the Society in the past about the background meaning of place-names. He is a knowledgeable speaker and will shed new light on the language of our neighbouring City and County!


Main Society Meetings

The main Society Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month. Meetings for the remainder of 2019:

14 November: The Future of the Mendip Hills - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Speaker: Jim Hardcastle

What is the current state of the Mendip Hills and what does the future hold for this nationally designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)? Will it become an island surrounded by development? Will visitors to the area destroy the natural beauty they are coming to see and what will climate change do to the wildlife?
Jim hardcastle, Manager of the Mendip Hills AONB will share the latest statistics and thoughts on these questions.

2020 Meetings

January - Curzon Cinema and AGM

February - British Honours List

March - Kilts and Tartans; Clevedon Care (tbc)

April - Still Battling the Bombers

May - The History of Bristol Zoo

September - Nobel Prizes

October - History of Morris Dancing

November - 20thC Society inc. Architecture

History Group Meetings

The History Group hold their meetings on the third Thursday of the month. Meetings for the remainder of 2019:

21 November: Members' Own: Family Scandals
Speakers: Group Members

Our 2019 Winter Supper meeting has all the fun of the family! Various members will be speaking on their family history, with emphasis on any scandals within…


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