Oaklands Hospital

Oaklands Red Cross  Auxiliary Hospital, Elton Road, Clevedon 



It is by Mike Williams's kind generosity and enthusiasm that this project has been allowed to be viewed on this website.

If you have any ancestors who are mentioned in the patients roll then please contact us so that we may be able to exchange further information and stories relating to those tragic times.

A wonderful Autograph Book was very kindly passed to me by Mike Williams. A colleague of his Bob Williams had transcribed the names and carried out some in depth research into the soldiers who came to Clevedon to convalesce during the First World War.


I also transcribed the names and carried out research, so I believe that between us we have as true a transcript as possible, sadly a chap from the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars Yeomanry has a signature that has beaten us all.

The book belonged to Nurse Rose Norton-Harper, we have assumed that the drawings of a dark haired nurse are Rose; a photo of Rose would make a wonderful addition to this file as would any further information relating to the Hospital and its patients.

Please help us; we in turn would be very willing to provide copies of the entries relating to family members.

Clevedon Civic Society Local History Group 

From left to right:
Miss Ethel Satchell, Rose's ladies maid and housekeeper, Mike Williams's aunt.

Mrs Irene Dalrymple-Clark, Rose's sister her husband was awarded the MC and killed in the First World War.

Mike Williams.
This photograph was taken in 1954, the year after Rose's death.


History of the hospital

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