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Part 7 - List of patients


We have been extremely fortunate to track down all Attestation Papers for The Canadian Patients, (See relevant links). 

They make fascinating reading, please have a look, although signed-up in Canada, most came from the UK.

ALDER Albert 11101 Private 4th Battalion, 1st Canadians                                           Front                  Rear 

ALLEN Ronald D G 3498 Private 1st London Scottish   

ALLIN C F G/2390 Private 8th East Kent Regiment The Buffs   

BASKETT Albert J 10287 Private 5th Dorsetshire Regiment   

BASTIN William George 8300 L/Corporal 2nd Battalion, 1st Canadians                  Front                  Rear 

BERRY John 1035 Sergeant 5th Duke of Wellingtons Regiment   

BISHOP Reginald A 577 Private 9th County of London 1st Queen Victoria Rifles   

BLURING Charlie 8830 L/Corporal 2nd Wiltshire Regiment   

BOLT Frederick C 9845 Private 2nd Royal West Kents   

BRACE Albert H 8094 Private 2nd Duke of Cornwell's Light Infantry   

BROADHEAD Charles 11304 Private 6th York & Lancaster Regiment   

BULL Arthur 7402 L/Corporal 1st Suffolk Regiment   

BUTTERWORTH Thomas Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers   

CAMBERS Ali T 534 Sapper 1/2 Field Compant East Anglian Royal Engineers   

CHOWN Walter 379 Farrier Sergeant Army Veterinary Corps   

COLES Albert Victor 6647 Private 1st Somerset Light Infantry   

CORNWALL Bengham 10078 Private 1st Norfolk Regiment   

COULE Jack Royal Horse Artillery   

CROCKART Jesse Erock 12696 Private 5th Battalion, 1st Canadians                     Front                  Rear 

D???? A S    

DENSHAW J 9443/11279 Private Ox & Bucks and Hampshire Regiment   

DOUGLAS David 11127 Private 4th Battalion, 1st Canadians                                      Front                  Rear 

DUNN Cecil H 4718 Private 9th Royal Warwickshire Regiment   

EAD Sydney W 669 Trooper City of London Yeomanry   

EGGETT Walter 1656 Driver Royal Field Artillery   

EVANS Alfred E 12441 Private 3rd Royal Fusiliers   

FARMER Francis 14/155 Private 1st York & Lancaster Regiment   

FARNDON Frederick 2204 Trooper 1st Warwickshire Yeomanry   

FRANCIS Ernest 18348 Private 10th South Lancashire Regiment   

FULTON Joseph 27/248 Private 27th Northumberland Fusiliers   

GAMBELL Albert SR/10699 Private 2nd East Kent Regiment The Buffs   

GLOVER Austin O T 20779 L/Corporal 9th Worcester Regiment   

GODMAN Harry E 7142 Private 1st Bedfordshire regiment   

GOLDING William 3858 QMS 6th Loyal North Lancs Regiment   

GORDON George Strachan 1798 Private 7th Scottish Rifles KIA RFC 

GRAHAM James Private 1st London Scottish   

GREEN C 5238 Private 1st Northumberland Fusiliers   

H????? A L    

HAIT J Rifleman 1st Rifle Brigade   

HALL S 1147 Gunner 26th Battery Royal Field Artillery   

HARRY James L Royal Horse Artillery L Battery   

HELLIWELL James (Ivan) H 42137 Gunner 10th Canadian Field Artillery                Front                  Rear 

HEMMINGS Joseph 6321 L/Corporal 9th Royal Warwickshire Regiment   

HENDSON 6th Lincolnshire Regiment   

HILLS Thomas Private 4th Royal Sussex Regiment   

HODGSON Lincolnshire Regiment   

HUGHES George A T/3/025888 Driver 204 Company Army Service Corps 26th Div Train   

HUGHES Fred Private 9th Worcester Regiment   

JACKSON A H 4902 Private 3/5th Royal Warwickshire Regiment   

JENKINS David Luther 14884 Private 1st Welsh Regiment   

JENNER Thomas Traiton 44492 Driver Royal Field Artillery   

JONES Ernest G 12618 Private 1st Grenadier Guards   

JONES Walter E 1862 Private 7th Essex Regiment   

JUDGE Micheal (Ginger) Private 11th Manchester Regiment   

KEENAN William J 8693 Sergeant 2nd Royal Irish Rifles   

KNIGHT William G 52125 Driver Royal Horse Artillery   

LAWSON A Private 2nd Hampshire Regiment   

LEWIS Lewis 13701 Sergeant Royal Welsh Fusiliers   

LOWTHER Robert W 77389 Gunner 368 Battery Royal Field Artillery   

MACAULEY S Private 9th Argylle 7 Sutherland Highlanders   

MALLETTE Joseph K Rene 26354 Private 14th Battalion, 1st Canadians               Front                 Rear  

MANDRY William 2188 Private 8th Middlesex Regiment   

MARINER Sidney Victor 1685 Rifleman 8th Hampshire Regiment   

MASON Gunner Royal Field Artillery   

McAULEY S Private Argylle & Sutherland Highlanders   

McKAY Robert 9378 Private Highland Light Infantry   

McKENNA M Private 1st Lancashire Fusiliers   

McKENNA Herbert 4476 Private 1st Lancashire Fusiliers   

MERRILEES William 300099 Private 7th Royal Scots   

MOONEY William 6697 Private 5th Royal Scots Fusiliers   

MORRIS Charles Thomas 11961 Sergeant Grenadier Guards   

NEEDLE Eric C 2343 Private 9th County of London 1st Queen Victoria Rifles   

NEWELL Ernest 7189 Corporal Royal Army Medical Corps   

NUNN Charles H 18626 Private 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers   

OXENHAM John    

PADBURY Isadore 2227 Trooper 1st Devon Yeomanry   

PAGE Henry 89921 Driver Royal Field Artillery   

PALK Henry E 7550 Sergeant 1st Devonshire Regiment   

PARTINGTON James 37723 Private 3rd Welsh Regiment   

PHILLIPS C E 11873 Private 9th Royal Warwickshire Regiment   

POWERS George L/Corporal 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers   

RAISON Jack H 3153 Sergeant 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers   

REW Charles L 4047 Corporal 43rd Signal Company Royal Engineers   

RIDGWAY George F 2960 Private 1st Lancashire Fusiliers   

RONSON John 5071 Private 1st Border Regiment   

SHIRLEY William T L/14545 Corporal 3rd Royal Fusiliers   

SINGLETON Frederick 23 L/Corporal 5th Royal Welch Fusiliers   

SLEEMAN John H 10631 Private 8th Devonshire Regiment   

SMETHURST John C 558 Sergeant Lancashire Fusiliers   

SPENCER L F Sergeant 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers   

TANNER Alfred 1147 Private 6th Leinster Regiment   

TAYLOR H Pioneer Royal Engineers   

TAYLOR Alfred R 2737 Private 5th Norfolk Regiment   

THAIN Montague E 17926 Private 2nd Grenadier Guards   

THOMAS Cyril Private 7th East Lancashire Regiment   

TILLING George 10341 Private 2nd Gloucestershire Regiment   

TUCKER A F Bugler   

WALKENDINE John Henry 9929 Driver 5th South Staffordshire Regiment   

WATERS Edward F 12154 Bombadier Royal Field Artillery   

WATKINS Wilfred L 2612 Private 26th Divisional Cyclist Company   

WATKINS Pioneer Royal Engineers Signal Section   

WATT Albert C 1598 Sapper 2/1st Field Company South Midland Royal Engineers   

WHALLEY George 10372 L/Corporal 6th South Lancashire Regiment   

WHATMORE Richard 111559 Pioneer Royal Engineers   

WILLIAMS F Rifleman 6th Kings Liverpool Regiment   

WOODHEAD D E 1386 Sergeant 5th East Lancashire Regiment   

WOOLEY Gilbert G S 2509 Trooper 2/1 Warwickshire Yeomanry 

If you have any information on any other Patients please contact us

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