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Clevedon Civic Society

Photograph Galleries

Jane Lilly’s photographs

Geoff Hale’s 1960s photographs

Known as St Edith's Orphanage for many years, this was built as Hallam Hall in Dial Hill Road. Hallam Hall belonged to the Rev Jabez Horne, who had it built in 1874 as a private boarding school for boys.

The photographer’s view of the seafront - this shot is still possible today and looks very much the same over fifty years later.

Jane and her uncle, Derek Lilly have lived in Clevedon all their lives. Between them they have become an authority on all historical matters in the town.

Jane has published various books featuring many of her collected photographs and this carousel contains just a small sample.

Geoff Hale came to live in Clevedon in 1947 at the age of seven. He and his father, Cliff Hale, took these photographs in 1960 prior to their departure to pastures new up in London.

Clevedon from the Air

Clevedon 1925

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Derek Lilly’s photographs

Derek Lilly, or Ben Grader as he prefers to be known, has placed hundreds of his own photographs on the social media site – Flickr – click the image to reveal them.