Walk Reports 2014


Monday 15 September 2014


On a clear and mild day six members drove to Shipham and set off along the lanes which lead to Rowberrow Woods.

We walked through the woods seeing plenty of butterflies and hearing birdsong.

After passing some remote cottages we followed the valley bottom to arrive at the base of Dolebury Hill fort. It was a steep but rewarding climb to the summit where we made our way to the highest point near the remains of the Warrener's house with views in all directions.

Taking the western 'gate' exit we came to and crossed the A38 and then onto the old Bristol road track.

After crossing the A38, at Star, we reached the old miners' cottages before cutting across fields to arrive back in Shipham where we had lunch sitting outside The Penscott Inn.

Report and photo by Julie Slocombe

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