Walk Reports 2014


Friday 29 August 2014

Compton Martin

In doubtful weather we assembled in the Barn car park & decided we would do the original walk planned by Geoff & Wendy Moore. We set off for the 'Ring O' Bells' at Compton Martin, then up 'The Coombe' past the see-through statue of a woman sitting on an out-house roof to the steep, stony, muddy path leading up into the Mendips through the woods.

Eventually we came to a deer fence where we had to leave Geoff to wait for his dog which had found its own route, probably following a deer scent & was not responding to whistles.

We still had some way to climb up to farm buildings from where we could hear 'pop' music which we decided was a curious choice for milking cows!

On then along the ridge of the hills past fenced in nut trees one side and on the other, Dexter cattle & an excellent view of the lakes at Chew & Blagdon. By then Geoff & dog had re-joined us.

There we had our 'coffee break' before proceeding to the end of the 'nuttery' & then following a drove parallel to the way we had come. We were then more aware of the music and could hear a Compere introducing another group an then thanking everyone for coming! We had stumbled on a live 'Pop Concert'! On we went and at last we had to descend the hills, no easy matter with the slipperiness of the path, but finally we reached 'The Coombe' & made our way to the pub for a well-earned lunch.

Thanks, Geoff & Wendy, for arranging such a challenging walk and with music too!

Report from Malcolm Case
Photos by Malcolm, and Julie Slocombe


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