Oaklands Hospital

Oaklands Red Cross  Auxiliary Hospital, Elton Road, Clevedon 

Driver/Nurse Rose Newton-Harper

Rose, the third child of Richard and Charlotte Harper was born in Richmond, Surrey in 1878. The other children were Gertrude H, Alfred G, and Irene T. The family moved to Clevedon in the early 1900s and lived in Seavale Road.

She joined Oaklands in November 1914 and served as a nurse in the hospital until November 1917 when she joined the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) and went to France to serve with No 3 unit Calais in April 1918 as a driver nurse. 

When she returned home after the war she still nursed at Oaklands until it closed in 1919. 

Rose finally resigned from the FANY in January 1922, with the proviso that she would rejoin if the corps was mobilised. 

Rose joined the old comrades association and retired from that in 1939. 

She was mentioned for her services to nursing whilst at Oaklands. It was reported in the local press that she took the Clevedon Ambulance to London on one occasion and did running repairs on the way. 

Her brother Alfred was killed in East Africa and the husband of one of her sisters, Capt Douglas Dalrymple-Clarke MC was also killed. 

Rose was very active in the Clevedon Ladies Section of the British Legion, doing various duties and she was elected Chairman. 

She moved down to Teignmouth, it is believed in the 1930s, to live with her sisters and she died there in 1953 aged 75.

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