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Working Party Reports 2019


Monday 8 April 2019

Ladye Bay

In the words of one of our crew, the Civic Society Environment Group had a 'grand day out' (AKA 90 minute working party) at Ladye Bay.

Seven volunteers widened the steps used by the public to access the beach by cutting back the encroaching grass and weeds, and exposing the edging stones where we could. The before and after photos demonstrate the transformation achieved.

Following a brief inspection we also noted that the loose handrail at the bottom of the steps had been fixed, and reported the missing Ladye Bay sign to North Somerset Council; Gareth Withers has kindly arranged for its replacement.

Many thanks to Nick and Jane Humphries for providing much-needed refreshments at their house afterwards. 

Report by Richard Young. 
Photos by Angela Slotte.

Left: Work in progress on the steps


The path before


The path after


The cleared steps


Group photo

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