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Working Party Reports 2019


Monday 13 May 2019

Seavale Road/Elton Road Copse

Seven members of the Civic Society Environment Group spent 90 minutes working on the neglected Seavale Road/Elton Road copse. We focused on improving the public's ability to use the copse by cutting back vegetation and over-hanging branches on the paths and various access steps. We also uncovered an old gatepost, and dug out some steps that were in danger of disappearing for good. The various photos show the difference we made.

We noted a missing section of handrail on the main flight of steps and have reported this to North Somerset Council. 

Report by Richard Young. 
Photos by Angela Slotte.

Left: Uncovered gate post at the top of the steps


Uncovering the steps


Clearing the middle steps


Cleared middle steps


Work on the main steps

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