Photograph Galleries


Jane Lilly

Jane and her uncle, Derek Lilly have lived in Clevedon all their lives. Between them they have become an authority on all historical matters in the town.

Jane has published various books featuring many of her collected photographs and this carousel contains just a small sample. 


Geoff Hale

Geoff Hale came to live in Clevedon in 1947 at the age of seven. He and his father, Cliff Hale, took these photographs in 1960 prior to their departure to pastures new up in London.


Clevedon from the Air

A gallery of pictures of Clevedon taken from an aerial perspective over a 70-year period in the 20th Century.


Derek Lilly

Derek Lilly, or Ben Grader as he is occasionally known, has placed hundreds of his own photographs on the social media site – Flickr – click the button to reveal them.

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