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Of great interest to many people is the historical development of a place through its maps.

We present here a selection of old maps of Clevedon and the surrounding area as stored in the Maps Archive of the National Library of Scotland. Click on the map image or the title to go to the map; it will be opened in a new tab or window on your browser. You can zoom in using the zoom wheel on your mouse or using the +/- buttons in the top or bottom left of the map. Hold left button and move mouse to scroll around map.

The maps are Copyright of the individual producers; they are re-used here for non-Commercial purposes subject to the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence. The map images are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

OS 1:500 Town Maps, 1883

Clevedon is one of the Towns that has had its 1:500 Town Map digitised and is available on the NLS Map Archive. These highly detailed maps cover about 1600ft by 1000ft  each, and there are 28 sheets covering Clevedon as it was then.

Click here or on the image to the left to go to an overview map. Select a box and then the image that appears in the top right to see the individual map sheet.

Somerset IV 3 & 7 - Survey: 1883, published 1885


Side-by-Side views

The NLS Map Archive also has a 'Side-by-Side' viewer which enables you to compare old maps with a current-day view of the same area.

To view this for Clevedon, click here or on the map image to the right. You chose the map series in the drop down box above the map, and the current-day view in the drop-down box above the view. Zoom and scroll either half and the other half follows.

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