Lookout Project

In 2000, to celebrate their 35th anniversary, Clevedon Civic Society restored the Lookout at the start of Poets’ Walk above Marine Lake.


The Lookout has had an interesting history but had over time fallen into ruin. It was erected circa 1835 by Ferdinand Beeston and was said to have been used by the Finzel family, who owned the Salt House, to enjoy the views over the Bristol Channel. Early postcards show the lookout in its completed form and the Lookout has been rebuilt with the walls to their previous height and with castellated tops.

The Civic Society was partnered in this project by the North Somerset Council, Blue Skies Clevedon Tourism Group, Yanley & North Somerset Environmental Company, Clevedon Town Council and a number of local businessmen. We are extremely grateful for all their support.


Julia Elton opening the newly restored Lookout said:

"Welcome and thanks; I would like to welcome today all who have worked with us to accomplish the restoration of the Lookout; Yansec and its Director Dr. Ted Birker, Ian Edser and his team from North Somerset Council, Blue Skies Clevedon Tourism Group, Clevedon Town Council, John Gent and Michael Hale Stuart Aston M/D - WR Bedford Stone Masonary, Mathew Wooster - Churchill Metalworks. A special welcome to Mary Knutt a relative of the Finzel family. 

"I would like to thank particularly members of Our Environment Group who have worked on this project , particularly Peter Griffin whose brainchild this restoration originally was, Councilor Alan Cotton , Mike Graham and Bob Hardcastle the Vice Chairman of the Civic Society.

"It is hoped that the restored Lookout will recreate the visual impact of the original structure and provide an interesting additional feature to Clevedon's coastal footpaths as well as a reminder of the West Country's historical links with shipping and the sugar trade and actively encourage tourism to our beautiful Victorian Town." 


Cllr Carole Wring speaking on behalf of the Civic Society at the opening ceremony.

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