The Footpaths Group, caters for members who like to walk for health and pleasure. This very active group is very friendly and sociable and welcomes new members.

The Group pursues three main activities:
1) To survey all the designated footpaths in Clevedon on a three-year rota basis, to check on their fitness for purpose; report any defects to the relevant authorities.
2) To organise, on a regular basis, local walks through our interesting town and beautiful local countryside. Walks vary in length, usually between 3 and 5 miles. The walk leader surveys the route in advance and will bring any potential hazards to the attention of those walking.
3) To organise an annual long weekend walking event in another part of the country where different challenges and scenery can be encountered over a more protracted period. Please see special button marked Clevedon Social Walking Group for more information.

All our activities are open to all members of the Civic Society.

Full details of all events are published on the Civic Society Web page and the organisers can be contacted through the information given on the on the ‘advert’ for the event or through the webmaster email. Events may also be published in the North Somerset Times. Reports on walks and forthcoming events are published on the web page.

Every three months the group holds a committee meeting open to all members to plan walks for the following period and deal with any other relevant matters.

We look forward to welcoming you on the walks and at our meetings.

Carol Wood (email: footpaths)
Chair of the Footpaths Group

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