Walk Reports 2023


Thursday 2 February 2023

St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

Our 13 strong group took the Park & Ride bus to St Mary Redcliffe Church, the external stone carvings and stained glass windows were very impressive. Whilst admiring the splendid internal features we were suddenly awakened by a full blast from the organ!

We then made our way to No 10 Guinea Street and spoke of its historic past before proceeding to the old General Hospital, the building has been converted into residential units and offices.

On down to the floating harbour we saw some entrances into Redcliffe caves which were used for various purposes including the storage of rum and sugar brought back from the West Indies via the “middle passage” of the triangular slave trade route across the Atlantic.

After walking a while alongside the harbour we turned away for a coffee break before moving on to the church of St Thomas which we entered and then onto the Seven Stars pub and spoke of its involvement with the abolition of the slave trade.

Progressing on to Bristol Bridge, admiring some buildings of architectural merit on the way, we turned down again to the harbourside and along to Castle Park via the new Castle Bridge.

We saw some remains of the original castle and some photos of the park taken before and after WW2 bombing which destroyed Bristol’s main shopping area.

After lunch in the Commercial Rooms we passed various enclosed markets and The Rummer Hotel, the oldest licenced premises in Bristol.

We ended our journey via Welsh Back, across Queens Square to Cumberland Road P & R bus stop.
Report by Jenny Ellis
Photos by Jeff Eastmond

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