Working Party Reports 2018


Monday 11 June 2018

Sunhill Park

As planned, on the 11th June, seven of us returned to Sunhill Park to complete the work of digging out the gullies either side of the main path. On this occasion we discovered a number of drains too, so hopefully the clearance work will help keep everything in good order.

As the before and after photos show, we also uncovered one of the 'bird bath pillars'. Finally, we cut down overhanging branches, including those obscuring the Sunhill Park sign, and weeded a flight of steps up to the lawn.

This was thirsty work, and we were grateful to Ann Scholes, the manager of the Community Centre, for arranging complimentary refreshments.

Report by Richard Young.
Photos uncredited.

Left: Pillar before work


Pillar after clearance


Uncovering the gully


The gully and drain


Park Sign and Group

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