Working Party Reports 2018


Monday 20 August 2018

Marine Hill Drinking Fountain

Four hardy souls braved the uncertain weather to carry out our second working party at Marine Hill drinking fountain this year. It was too wet to attempt the planned painting of the railings, but these were wire-brushed in readiness for our next visit. We also swept the pavement clear of fallen leaves and mud, removed debris from the gullies and cleaned up the fountain itself.

Special thanks to Nick for bringing his rods so that we could clear the Victorian drain under the fountain, to Alan for joining us by bus, to Angela for taking the attached photos, and to Jenny of Scarlett's cafe for the unexpected but very welcome complimentary coffees once we'd finished.  

Report by Richard Young.
Photos by Angela Slotte.

Left: Clearing the pavement


Clearing the pavement


Cleaning the railings


Rodding the drains

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