Walk Reports 2023


Monday 17 October 2023

Crook Peak

Starting from Viewing Point and car park on Webbington Road, eight of us set off for the peak.

It transpired that John had been a keen model glider pilot in his earlier life and whilst visually impaired knew the route up to the peak like the back of his hand, having often made the journey with a dismantled glider strapped to his back.

We made good going and I have to thank John for his descriptions of his glider as it rose high on the thermals and then descended down into the valley, scouring the countryside like a hawk. It seemed a bit like Longfellow's arrow, it landed I know not where. However, he claims he never lost a glider. The fact it was cadmium yellow with a 10ft wingspan might have been a contributing factor.

It wasn't long before we managed to achieve what Veronica and I failed to do the previous day, reach the summit.

As we ascended the last few yards to conquer the peak we were met with a chill wind. However, we enjoyed the views of the Glastonbury Tor, Brent Knoll, saw the service road to Hinkley Point Power Station and had much discussion about old pylons versus new French ones. The long majestic sweep of Wavering Down was spectacular.

Those who had enough of the chill wind soon decided to take shelter in the lee of the peak, for more views over the Bristol Channel, its islands and Weston-super-Mare. They were eventually joined by the rest of us and a refreshing coffee break was taken.

The journey back to base camp was uneventful. Unfortunately, there was not much wildlife to be seen, apart from a hawk we saw during the coffee break. It was a long way off, we could not make out what kind of Hawk it was. Also, a single butterfly who looked lost and a long way from home.

We reached the New Inn with time to spare where we enjoyed an enjoyable meal and a beverage of one's choice.

Distance walked: 2.6 miles

Report by Rod Hobbs

Photos by Jeff Eastmond

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